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Sport & Leisure Goods

Sport and leisure goods are part of the fast moving fashion industry where short product lifecycles are common...
WORKNC can help companies in this sector to achieve rapid product development by simplifying the production of molds. Working directly from CAD data, WORKNC can interpret the information, repair and modify it ready for manufacture, and by using its tools for checking undercuts and draft angles, ensure parts can be made by highlighting potential problem areas early in the design phase.
Once the mold is ready for manufacture the software's automatic machining cycles rapidly rough machine the cavity, then finish machining operations pick out fine detail, minimizing the number of electrodes required, significantly reducing costs and lead times. This is especially effective when used in conjunction with high speed machining centers. WORKNC also improves quality. 5-axis paths, ramp movements and fluid toolpaths all contribute to a better surface finish, important for the appearance of the finished product.
The WORKNC product portfolio can also improve manufacturing management. Its WorkPLAN ERP software systems provide tools to create accurate quotations and manage the production process right through to product delivery. The easy to use systems keep track of cost and time and enable managers to monitor business drivers in real time. For an industry which is very time sensitive, having a system which will aid delivery is a very valuable benefit.


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