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Special Machines

By definition, special machinery is unique in its design and construction...
For some applications machinery may comprise hundreds or thousands of components, making project management a complicated process. WorkPLAN provides ERP solutions designed specifically for custom manufacture. Working directly from the CAD design, the software builds a tree structure of the components and controls purchasing, subcontracting, and manufacture in addition to monitoring design changes as they occur.
Critical path analysis of the project highlights the most important processes and the planned completion dates, giving early warning of time overruns. WorkPLAN ERP systems also keep track of costs, both for bought in and manufactured items. Costs can be compared with the planned budget to identify areas which need attention as production progresses. With these tools in place, managers can see the status of the project at a glance, allowing them to make decisions based on the extensive information stored within the system, enabling them to finish building the machine on budget, and on time.
For in house machining of components, special purpose machinery manufacturers can improve their productivity with WORKNC. Designs can be imported and prepared for production in WORKNC-CAD. CNC programming is then a simple task using the automatic 2-axis, 3-axis, and 5-axis machining routines in the software. These are designed to optimize machine tool performance and at the same time produce high quality, accurate components. Used together, WorkPLAN and WORKNC will help special machinery manufacturers achieve their profitably and delivery goals.


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