WORKNC has the solution for your activity whether you serve one or a number of different industries. Our easy to use solutions help manufacturing companies small and large, improve efficiency, productivity and quality, enabling them to reduce their costs and compete more effectively in today’s tough business climate. 

Automotive Industry


Ever since the 80’s WORKNC Automatic CAD/CAM has been proving its effectiveness for automotive applications time and time again.  WORKNC is used by virtually all the automotive companies who report significant reductions in costs and lead times. Many use WORKNC for shop floor programming.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace & Defensese

Aerospace and defense components demand quality of the very highest standard. Often using tough and expensive materials, errors can be costly.  WORKNC’s Automatic CAD CAM program is renowned for its reliability, producing safe toolpaths with total collision avoidance. Safety is also a key issue in this industry, so traceability of batches is very important as well as a record of quality assurance. 

Consumer Electronics Industry

Consumer Electronics

Fast paced design and organic shapes figure strongly in the consumer electronics industry.  Product lifecycles are short, so time to market is of crucial importance. WORKNC Automatic CAD CAM’s many users in this industry have reported a significant reduction of lead times through the software’s reliability and fast calculation times.


Engineering Industry


Engineering offices receive design data in many formats.  Successful import of the customers' data is just the first step….WORKNC Automatic CAD CAM includes powerful tools to patch surface gaps, analyze draft angles, create split lines and much more…Once the part or mold is ready for production, WORKNC can rapidly and automatically build toolpaths.

General Mechanical Industry

General Mechanical

Subcontracting companies in the general mechanical sector work across a diverse range of industries. Optimizing the production process and maximising returns in such a wide-ranging environment presents a special challenge. WORKNC Automatic CAD CAM is ideal in this environment, providing easy to use programming for 2 thru to 5-axis machining and wire erosion.

Medical & Dental Industry

Medical & Dental

Complex shapes commonly feature in medical prostheses.  From CAD designs, WORKNC Automatic CAD/CAM can extract and repair where necessary, a model suitable for manufacture.  Machining routines up to full 5-axis ensure that as much of the part as possible can be reached in one setting, speeding up production and maximizing the accuracy of the part.  

Mould, Die & Tooling Industry

Mold, Die & Tooling

WORKNC was originally developed for the mold, die and tooling industry.  Cutting complex shapes quickly in tough materials and interpreting and manipulating large CAD files are common needs in this sector. In WORKNC Automatic CAD/CAM, machining operations can take many forms, but all are geared towards fast and efficient machining, collision avoidance & quality finishing.

Model & Prototype Industry

Models & Prototypes

WORKNC Automatic CAD CAM is a powerful tool for rapid prototyping  providing an alternative to additive methods of model creation by machining components and models directly, or by machining a mold where parts are required in low volume.  Keeping track of individual projects and ensuring they are completed on time and at a profit is demanding when delivery are measured in hours. 

Motorsport Industry

Motor Sports

WORKNC provides companies supporting this sector with the ability to quickly respond to rapidly changing requirements & at the same time easily handle complex machining tasks.  5-axis machining of composites and models, high speed machining of hard materials, and cutting of deep cavities and intricate shapes are typical of these.


Special Machines Industry

Special Machines

Special machinery is unique in its design and construction. For some applications, machinery may comprise of thousands of components making project management a complicated process. Special purpose machinery manufacturers can improve their productivity with WORKNC Automatic where programming is a simple task using the 2, 3 and 5-axis machining routines in the software. 

Sports & Leisure Goods Industry

Sport & Leisuire Goods

The manufacture of sport and leisure goods falls squarely into the fashion industry which is notoriously fickle and where short product lifecycles make rapid time to market essential. The software’s automatic machining cycles rapidly rough mold cavities, then finish machining operations pick out fine detail, minimizing the use of electrodes and significantly reducing cost & time.


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