WORKNC Mechanical Engineering

General Mechanical

The general mechanical sector covers a diverse range of industries and products can vary hugely...
Optimizing the production process and maximizing returns in such a wide-ranging environment presents a special challenge.  CAD and design data can come in many forms, from sketches to solid and surface models. WORKNC includes drafting and modeling tools, as well as interfaces for all the leading CAD systems, ensuring compatibility with customers' files.
In this industry, components can also vary from 2D prismatic shapes to those requiring 5-axis machining. WORKNC is the ideal CAM tool in this environment, enabling easy to use programming in both 2D and 3D, dramatically cutting the time and effort required to produce CNC programs. WORKNC is also expandable, so users can start with 2D, migrate to 3D, and then add 5-axis machining or wire erosion, making it a very versatile solution.
The general mechanical field is very competitive so costing needs to be keen and accurate. WorkPLAN Solutions, the ERP manufacturing management system enables customers to produce competitive quotations. The systems helps users to analyze new jobs, check for available capacity, allocate resources and time, and examine buying procedures. Armed with this information, managers can produce accurate quotations and monitor the rate of acceptance. Once production commences, continuous monitoring ensures cost and elapsed time are on target and that delivery dates are being met, which results in satisfied customers and a profitable business.


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