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Fast paced design and organic shapes figure strongly in the consumer electronics industry...
In an industry where time to market is critical, WORKNC can have a significant impact on the reduction of lead times through its reliability, fast calculation, and its ability to maximize the speed of machining. Roughing and Re-roughing cycles quickly remove metal, even hard materials, while Feature Recognition will automatically identify any machine holes and pockets – these make up a significant proportion of molding and stamping tools.
WORKNC's unique Auto 5 routine will help manufacturers to cut complex ergonomically designed shapes in 5-axis, directly from imported CAD data. By automating the creation of 5-axis machining paths, companies can reduce the number of set-ups and produce superior results quicker by enabling engineers to use short, rigid cutters.
The WORKNC product portfolio also helps manufacturers to deliver on time and to budget with WorkPLAN ERP manufacturing management software. By utilizing historic information and mapping production capacity, the software enables users to quote competitively and offer achievable delivery targets. Furthermore, live monitoring of production as it progresses keeps track of both cost and time.
Checking actual against planned figures allows managers to take remedial action where necessary, and ensure profit levels are as high as possible.


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