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Aerospace and defense components demand quality of the very highest standard, and are frequently made from a solid block of a tough material such as titanium. Because long and complex operations are common, the added value within the components can be considerable, making errors in machining very costly indeed. WORKNC is renowned for its reliability, producing safe toolpaths through full collision avoidance for both the tool and its holder, and by providing simulation of the total machine tool and its kinematics.
Within the software, fluid cutterpaths ensure the best possible surface finish, for example, trochoidal movements which favor climb milling optimize cutting conditions and minimize tool load - ideal for tough materials. The result is much less risk of tool breakage, longer tool life and lower stress on the component. For aerospace components these factors are particularly important, as tool failure can seriously damage the part, while excessive machining forces can be deleterious to the material structure, which may affect the performance of the finished part.
WORKNC also includes specialized machining cycles for particular aerospace applications, such as impellers and blades. 5-axis toolpaths allow the roughing and finishing of complex impellers, and blade machining cycles allow the blade to be rotated as it is cut, while simultaneously taking account of the angular limitations of the machine tool. Other 5-axis cycles enable the machining of undercut pockets and the trimming of composites - common features in aerospace parts. Click here to view our aerospace brochure.
Safety is a key issue in the aerospace and defense industries, so traceability of batches and material is very important, as is a record of quality assurance activities such as calibration, inspection and design change.  WorkPLAN Solutions custom ERP manufacturing management software enables contractors to achieve and maintain compliance with the rigorous demands of this industry by collating records for each project, controlling documentation and presenting performance reports.


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